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It is indispensable to get subjective participation by local people to revive, protect and raise the forest, it is very important. Hold a meeting, understand the meaning of afforestation, plant trees themselves and cooperate and protect the forest, they cannot achieve without these process. Children also participate of course, they plant trees for future generation.



It has long been  global issue that are the reduction of rainforest and global warming accompanying the increase in carbon dioxide, desertification and devastation of the land, various efforts have been accumulated on them. 

In India also it has been devastated and once forest are cut down the cattle and other wild animal enter inside and there is a dry season for 9 month, it will not be greened as it is. The loss of the forest leads to the devastation of the cultivated land, the people who are unable to live flow to the city, it is vicious circle.



​背景  back ground
​住民参加 participation by villagers
​植林の成果 Achievement of afforestation
​永続的発展にむけて  Towards sustainable development 


Before planting trees, women who had to go out far away to get firewood became to obtain the fallen leaves for daily fuel from plantation area, men who had been spent idly in front of wasteland became to work themselves to protect the trees, use and take advantage of the trees, and harvest from the forest and the land. When the trees which they planted themselves came to grow, became a beautiful forest and benefited from the forest variously, people in the area came to be proud of the forest and wanted to keep and protect it to the future generation.


This greening project has been managed with the support(fund) by the Japanese people who wish for the earth and the future. The number of the trees planted together with their heart is over 43million(as of 2016), and the forest revived by hand of local people changed not only the landscape but also their livelihood and consciousness.  In  a village, a beautiful temple was built with their income from the afforestation.

​インドグリーニングプロジェクト  Greening project in India

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