Awareness meeting



The first step of afforestation is  to make the local people understand of the meaning and significance of afforestation. It is most important to get subjective participation by the villagers to understand future benefit, to plant and protect the trees themselves and manage.

(pictures;1 awareness meeting1,2 awareness   meeting2,3 hand a tree in high school,4 high      school activities)

​植林プロセス1 afforestation process1

Seed bed & nursery


It starts to make seed bed in February. The seed bed is made near the pond. Put soil mixed with fertilizer in the pot, sow the collected seed in it. Cover the straw, watering, manage from germination to growth.

(pictures;1 seeds sowing,2nursery bed,

  3 watering,  4 growing  seedlings,5 ready  to  transplantation)

Digging trench & Pit
Before planting, dig the hole to  plant  the seedling. And dig the trench for storing the rain water in the plantation area and surrounding. It is the point for success to store and use the rain.
(pictures;1 digging trench, 2 trench,  3 digging water pool, 4 dug pit,5 Pits in plantation area)
Planting trees
It starts to plant the trees in beginning of rainy season(middle of June). Many children join to plant.

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