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​象の帰ってきた森(Jharbagda村) elephants returning forest

Jharbagda village is located in West bengal,population is about 2500. In this area,approximately 250,000 trees were planted on about 126ha of land for 3 years from 1999. The dozens of local species were planted,it was variety rich. Cooperatively the villagers protected and took care of trees well, they became to beautiful forest in a few years. And then, in the winter of 2006, the group of 16 elephants appeared suddenly. The revived forest is pride of the villagers, they hold the meeting and confirm to keep and remain the forest of course to their children and grandchildren, and to future generation forever.
​                2000年 植えられたばかりの頃 
                              after just planted
​               2001年 木が徐々に成長してきました 
                            The trees are growing gradually
​          2004年 遠くから見てもすでに見事な森となっています
               It has already become the beautiful forest even if it is seen from a distance
​2006年 上側は夏。すでに深い森となりました。11月に象が現れました。
      Upper pictures are in the summer. It is already deep forest.
            The elephants appeared in November.
​                        2002年 木はさらに生長し緑が濃くなってきました 
                                     The trees are growing more and more greened 
​                                2003年 木は順調に成長し森となってきました 
                                              The trees are growing steadily and coming to the forest
​            2005年  木はかなり成長しています
                  The trees is growing considerably
meeting with villagers holding every year
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