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​お寺を建てた森(Babhandha村)  forest built the temple

   Babhanbdha village is in Odisha state. The weather and soil condition of Odisha is suitable for growing cashew trees, so  many  cashew trees were planted in vast area. Seeds of cashew will be able to harvest from about 5 years after planting, the income makes the life of the villagers gradually getting better. And the people of this village has early built the temple as the symbol of the village. 


Just after planting. Long and narrow trenches for storing rainwater were seen.


After planting in about 4 years, trees grow 2~3 meter, earlier trees put on fruit and seed. 


The trees totally have grown, the harvest is progressing year by year.

The temple was built by the income.



The quality of life has improved with the income of cashew from the afforestation and the villagers come to have confidence. The decoration of the temple is proceeding.

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